How does the Disney Quick Service Dining work?

Disney dining plan ddp-logo

Disney Quick Service Dining Explained

Below is a short description of “what you need to know” about Disney Quick Service Dining. In addition to all the “stuff” listed for the Magic Your Way packages, each guest over the age of 2 will receive:

  • Two      Quick Service Meals, per night of your resort stay
  • One      Snack, per night of your resort stay
  • One      refillable mug


So what does Disney consider a “quick service meal”? Well – it includes an entrée (or combo meal, if that’s offered at the restaurant where you’re eating) and non-alcoholic beverage. If you’re eating lunch or dinner, you also get a dessert.

And what about the snack? Well – there’s a whole bunch of different things that Disney considers snacks. Everything from a 20 ounce bottle of soda, to a piece of a fruit, to an ice cream bar. It’s hard to say what a snack is, because snacks are really varied. Most items that can be considered a snack at Disney will USUALLY be anything priced at or under $4.00 and will have DDP (Disney ding plan) icon next to it on the menu. See picture below.



And the refillable mug? What’s that? All resorts have a self-service soda fountain. Without a dining plan, you can pay $15.49 (plus tax) for a 12 ounce, insulated mug. (Yikes! Glad it’s included!) You can then have as many complimentary refills of that mug at your resort as you’d like. You can refill it with coke products, tea, coffee and hot chocolate.


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