How does Rider Swap work?

Sometimes your child may not make the height requirement, may be too young or may be simply too scared to ride an attraction. If you find yourself wanting to participate in an attraction, but Junior isn’t cooperating, you might consider the “Rider Swap” program offered by Disney. Don’t miss out! It’s your vacation too!

This complimentary service allows adults to switch off riding an attraction without doubling the wait time. It’s perfect for those rides where you don’t have a Fastpass.

Here’s how it works:

1.) The first adult will wait in line and then ask a Cast Member for a “Rider Swap” ticket. These are sometimes called “Baby Swap” or “Stroller Swap”. Sometimes you will be asked to prove you really have a baby to swap, so don’t let adult #2 stray too far away;)

2.) If you haven’t figured this out yet, adult #2 stays with the children while adult #1 enjoys their ride.

3.) After riding, adult #1 gives adult #2 the “Rider Swap” card, and adult #2 gets to join the FASTPASS wait queue.

4.) Adult #1 now stays with the kiddies as adult #2 has the time of their life on said attraction.

5.) Adult #1 and adult #2 laugh and laugh about what fun they just had holding a strangers hand on the Tower of Terror, as they wait in line to get Junior an ice cream cone for being such a good sport!

Be sure to ask Cast Members about the “Rider Swap” program for your favorite adult attractions!


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