Ourpinion: The Beach Club Resort

Adult Opinion: This resort is a big YES in my book! I think the location is unbeatable. We were literally steps from Epcot. Room was very large, staff was AMAZING, and the pool…Ohhhhh the pool….Simply fantastic. Ok, so I didn’t actually go in the pool…but I did hang by the pool and had a few yummy drinks from Hurricane Hanna’s. We also had lunch on the pool deck one afternoon and I must say, I can not wait to return! Do it, do it, do it….

Tween Opinion: I LOVED the pool, the French fries and my friend Raoulf that ran the games. It was a really cool resort and it smells good too! I liked that our room was close to Epcot. I like watching the fireworks from the bridge! That was kind of awesome!

Kid Opinion: I loved the pool! I liked the sand bottom! I really the activities around the pool. I won lots of prizes! I liked everything about this hotel!


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