Giving the Gift of Travel This Holiday Season

By Laurie Reich

As our children grow older, it is more and more difficult to come up with ideas to express our love at the holidays.  They are too old for (or already have too many) toys.  Clothes, electronics, and accessories only go so far.  So what else is there?  Why not give the gift of travel and create MEMORIES that will last their lifetime.

It could be a trip that you haven’t planned yet.  Or maybe you have something in mind that they don’t know about!  Use the place you’ll visit as your inspiration!

family santa hatsThere are plenty of creative ways to “box” up your trip plans.  You can print out a brochure (or create your own), print pictures, menus, tours, etc. and create your own special revealgift.  But before that, you’ll want to include small gifts having to do with your trip so it leads up to your grand reveal!

Disney is super easy because there is so much out there for Disney.  You could get mouse ears, t-shirts to wear while visiting the parks, wrap up certificates for experiences you may enjoy while you’re there, scrapbooking materials, autograph books, frames, and more!

No matter what kind of vacation you are planning, you could include items like guidebooks, luggage, luggage straps, ear phones, camera, hat, sandals, bathing suit, binoculars, sand toys, and a beach bag (sunglasses, sunscreen, and travel size toiletries can fill a stocking).  And what you can’t find in a store this time of year, you can surely find online at sites like Amazon. Even a stuffed animal that has something to do with your destination will be a hit and then become a travel buddy!

map journal

It doesn’t have to be with just your kids.  It can be for other friends or family members who seem to have everything.  I’m not saying you have to buy everyone a trip, but you could give a gift that suggests traveling – a book, a travel item, and maybe a visa gift card to help get them started!  A gift card tucked in with a themed gift is much better than a gift card alone.  After all, you want them to use the gift card for a gift to themselves, not on something like filling the car with gas!

Giving the gift of travel will be something new, thoughtful, and surprising to all!  And when all of the gifts have been unwrapped, and post-holiday blues start creeping in, there’s that promise of a great vacation coming to chase those blues away!  It gives everyone something to think about and look forward to!

Just some thoughts to help change up your holidays a little, if you want more suggestions, we’d be happy to help put ideas together!

Here’s to avoiding the crowds at the mall, and planning a dream vacation instead!

Wishing you a bright and happy holiday season!

Happy Travels!



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