Travel Trends for 2018

Travel Trends for 2018

By Laurie Reich


What are your travel plans for next year?  Here are some of the expected trends in 2018.  Maybe you will find yourself thinking along the same lines.


More and more travelers want to experience a destination rather than just rest and relax.  They want to take tours, participate in local customs, learn about the area’s history, and do something unique to that location.  This is where Bucket List items can be accomplished.  What’s on your bucket list?



Revisiting places

Going back to a place you remember visiting as a child or a young adult. Depending on the place, it could have changed quite a bit or perhaps very little!  Then the change would come from how you view it as a repeat visitor years later.

Image result for family vacations


Traveling with friends

There are many advantages to planning a getaway with just your friends.  You can create more memories with them, spend more time together, and when you split the cost of accommodations, it becomes much more affordable.  You can travel to places you might not otherwise be able to afford on your own or if you have to pay for your whole family to come with you.Related image


Wellness and healthy travel, including spa experiences 

Travelers are looking to use vacation time as a way to rejuvenate.  They want to pamper themselves with spa treatments, exercise, and healthy food options.  They want to take time to feed their inner spirits.Image result for beach massage

Pop Culture Pilgrimages

When destinations are spotlighted in television, movies, and books, travelers want to experience these destinations as well. They want to dine in restaurants, walk the same street, and have the same experiences in areas where their favorite characters have been.Image result for under the tuscan sun vacation


More and more travelers are turning to cruises as a way to visit multiple ports with only having to unpack once.  They can scout out places to determine where they would like to revisit on a future vacation and spend more time.Image result for cruise ship







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