Five Star Travel Group is committed to providing you with 100% free concierge style vacation planning.


Yep. FREE!


Specializing in, but certainly not limited to, all Disney Destinations travel.

Contact us today at




To discuss your next vacation!

meet the team

Jennifer Chichilitti- 267-337-0503


Cindy Carpino-215-275-9423


Beth D’Ambrosio- 267-640-5900


Tricia Moody- 610-329-9714


Andrea Wheatley- 267-261-7016


Melissa Baine- 267-272-8480


Laurie Reich- 215-435-4151


Michelle Harvey- 267-261-6670


Amy Romanoski- 610-909-3105


Stacy Nelligan- 215-272-7027


Henrietta Loveloch- 516-695-3639


Erin Kirwin- 239-465-7549


Jacquelyn Howell- 423-248-8401


Natalie Morton- 205-482-6414


Ismarilyn Graeber- 305-259-3028


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